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Our Vision
We make it possible



To meet the needs of our customers, Hutchinson enables the mobility of the future with a clear strategy and shared values. Our vision is to contribute to the mobility of the future. Innovating constantly, developing our multiple areas of expertise and working to achieve operational excellence, we’re ready today for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our vision for tomorrow

A customer-focused strategy

  • We want our innovative solutions to make us the partner of choice in the automotive, aerospace, defense, rail, energy, and industry markets.
  • We rely on two drivers to meet the needs of our customers: our multiple areas of expertise and our worldwide presence
  • We rise to new and unique challenges alongside manufacturers. We innovate throughout the entire value chain, from formulating new materials to integrating connected solutions.


Customer service-driven values 

To support customers and enable sustainable mobility today and tomorrow, our teams are united around a common set of values:


Hutchinson has been contributing to the development of land, air and sea transport for 160 years. We are proud to pass on this heritage and know-how from generation to generation.


Hutchinson’s driving force comes from the women and men who work for the Group. Ethics, respect, integrity,  solidarity and responsibility are the values to which we owe our success.

In high spirits

Enthusiasm and open-mindedness drive us forward. Information sharing and team spirit contribute to our collective success and strengthen our sense of belonging to Hutchinson.

Hands-on performance

For us, operational performance is a vital prerequisite to success. Our aim of becoming the go-to supplier for all world-leading firms forces us to insist on excellence.

Hunt for challenges

Resolutely innovative, we want to be involved in tackling all the competitive and technological challenges facing world-leading companies that share our values.