Vibration Control Systems | Hutchinson

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Hutchinson customers want to minimize vibrations from the different components of their vehicles, to increase their products’ sustainability, comfort and acoustic performance.

Predictive modeling

Designing the best vibration control systems for our customers can involve complicated trade-offs. For instance, the solution must be able to adapt to different energy sources or withstand inevitable interactions with adjacent structures.


To help manufacturers strike this balance, we use unique modeling tools to predict the behavior of vibration control systems once integrated in their environment. Recognized for our expertise, we intervene early on to support customers as they develop their specifications.

Future solutions

Customers look to Hutchinson to design and produce vibration control systems and components for various vehicle suspension systems. For aircraft, laminated stops for rotor blades allow motion control and enhance reliability and safety.


Our Research & Innovation teams focus on materials advancements, especially in the area of composites, to help manufacturers meet their goal of lighter vehicles and aircraft.