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Sustainable Development


Moving forward together

Helene Moreau-Leroyµ


“Mobility on land, at sea and in the air are our main fields of action. We have the technology, capabilities and global reach to address the Electrification and Sustainability challenges. 

Together with our 38,000 employees, customers, partners and suppliers, we want to achieve 50% reduction of our carbon emissions for Scopes 1 and 2 by 2030, before achieving carbon neutrality in 2050”.

Helene Moreau-Leroy, Chairman & CEO 

Our path towards net carbon neutrality


our path to neutrality


Download the PDF to discover how we can make mobility sustainable together



In 2025:

  • All sites will be ISO 50001 certified. A specific agenda is set for each site with support programs and trainings.


Norme Iso 50001


Rosario Lerida


“The key success factor with our ISO 50001 certification has been to implement the standard through 4 steps: energy policy design, training & awareness improvement, data collection & analysis, and involvement of all stakeholders for implementation”.

Rosario Lerida, Plant Manager Madrid, Spain & Tangier, Morocco

  • In 2025, 25% recycled or bio-based materials in our new products.




By 2030:

  • 50% reduction of our carbon emissions for Scopes 1 and 2 (vs 2019).


Suzhou plant



By 2050:

  • Hutchinson aims for net carbon neutrality for all scopes.
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