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Commercial aircraft, LNG carriers and military vehicles operate in very specific environments and under very specific constraints. To help customers meet these requirements, Hutchinson designs materials that can perform the necessary functions.


In certain very demanding markets, the added value of our solutions comes primarily from our formulation of customized materials. We formulate customized materials in order to deliver very specific mechanical, aerodynamic, acoustic, thermal and other properties.

Benchmark solutions

In the aerospace market, our solutions are recognized for their ability to significantly reduce cabin noise. We also equip the composite structures of nacelles with firewalls that can withstand flames at 1,100°C for 15 minutes in the event of an engine fire. Hutchinson Terflame® also prevents fire on the exterior of the aircraft from spreading through the fuselage, giving passengers time to evacuate the plane.


Today, the major aerospace companies that use Hutchinson materials include Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Alestis, Boeing, Diehl Aircabin and EFW, along with NATO AWACS.


Another example, in the energy market, is Hutchinson Triplex®. This material is used on LNG carrier tanks to provide a secondary barrier highly resistant to dynamic fatigue and mechanical stress in a very harsh environment (temperatures of -160°C).