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All over the world, Hutchinson offers its customers advanced technologies to respond to the challenges of sustainable mobility. These solutions developed specifically for each application are based on Hutchinson main areas of expertise:  fluid transfer, sealing, anti-vibration systems and materials & structures.   


With 40 technical centers close to its customers and three corporate research units (Montargis, Boston and Singapore), Hutchinson develops innovative systems and solutions based on a multi-market and multi-expertise approach. 


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  • Elastomers, thermoplastics, composites, adhesives, metals … Hutchinson’s expertise spans over a wide range of materials and all of their properties. Hutchinson’s unique approach allows different materials to be combined to meet customers’ specific requirements.  





  • Digitalization and mechatronic speeds up the automation of complex systems and allows more efficient vehicles in terms of Safety, Energy Efficiency and Comfort. 


Smart Damper


  • Hutchinson solutions are at the core of systems to collect information and measure key physical quantities. 


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 Innovation Partnerships

  • DEEP program with the École des Mines Paris Tech and ESPCI* 

*ESPCI. Ecole Supérieur de Physique Chimie de Paris


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The "Design & Engineering of Elastomers and Polymers" (DEEP) program allows simulation tools to be developed through our knowledge of the physical mechanisms of deformation, damage and fracture of elastomeric and polymeric materials. Six PhD have been launched under this program to develop design tools for real parts. 


  • WIMS2 with the University of Michigan 
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Hutchinson is a partner of the WIMS2 (Wireless Integrated MicroSensing and Systems) Center affiliated with the University of Michigan. WIMS2’s mission is to advance research into and development and application of sensor-activated microsystems through fundamental research, training and interactions with industry. 

Hutchinson also works with numerous other universities around the world, including Technion in Israel (polymeric materials and smart materials), the University of Paris 6 (modeling and optimization) in France and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (connected objects and autonomous vehicles) among others. 


Technion University


Sorbonne Université


Nanyang Technological



  • Collaboration with start-ups

Hutchinson has set up a systematic start-up scouting process which has allowed more than 250 start-ups to be analyzed in two years. Around thirty of these start-ups are being actively monitored and projects have been launched with ten of them. 

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Electreon, a start-up based in Israel, is developing a dynamic wireless charging solution for electric vehicles. Hutchinson is assisting the start-up in its international development. 


Reducing the weight of vehicles is a key factor in reducing CO2 emissions. Hutchinson is responding by offering innovative solutions based on multi-material solutions and powerful computing and testing resources. Mechatronic technologies also enable Hutchinson to offer solutions that improves the energy efficiency of systems. 


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