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For more than 160 years, Hutchinson has been serving customers around the world through its international footprint and involvement in all steps of the production process. Our Group continuously develops new innovations that enable mobility to advance. 

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19th century
From shoes to tires
  • 1853

    Hutchinson starts with a manufacturing plant founded by American businessman Hiram Hutchinson in the French town of Châlette-sur-Loing.

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  • 1860

    The company grows rapidly and expands to Germany, Spain and Italy.

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  • 1903

    Its bicycle and automobile tires are soon being sold throughout Europe, launching a long partnership with the automotive sector.

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Soaring popularity
  • 1910

    Diversification continues. The company provides coated fabric for airships, including the Astra Torres, the first to cross the English Channel.

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  • 1911

    Hutchinson materials are also used for the tires and canvas wings of the newly invented airplane, such as the Nieuport biplane.

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  • 1916

    Hutchinson materials are chosen for Hanriot and Blériot aircraft, as well as motorcycles and trucks.

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Accompanying major manufacturers
  • 1930

    To accompany the development of transportation on land, in the air, and at sea, Hutchinson makes its strong research and innovation capabilities the cornerstone of its development.

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  • 1936

    The innovative Dynaflex suspension proves popular, offering new capabilities in vibration control for Bloch aircraft (Marcel Dassault).

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  • 1942

    Hutchinson supplies vibration control products to the entire U.S. Navy fleet.

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  • 1950

    Rubber materials improve passenger comfort in automobiles, trains and subway cars. New acoustic insulation processes are used in buildings.  

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Hutchinson TGV
  • 1970

    Through its multiple areas of expertise, Hutchinson can meet even the most complicated requirements of its customers. Products such as its anti-vibration mounts, seals, hoses, elbow connections, and cast and molded rubber parts improve comfort and safety in a variety of markets. Today, these solutions are found throughout the world, in automobiles, planes, high-speed railcars, rockets and submarines. The new materials and processes that we constantly develop enable mobility to advance.

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