Fluid Management Systems | Hutchinson

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Hutchinson provides customers with increasingly sophisticated fluid management systems to improve the performance of their products: heating pipes, temperature and pressure sensors, noise reduction devices...

LEADING the market

The biggest manufacturers count on Hutchinson's pioneering solutions to better manage the circulation of fluids within their vehicles. Thanks to their confidence and trust, our Group is a world leader for fluid management systems.


For them, we design and produce the lines needed for all their car and truck fluid transfer systems. Our solutions enable them to manage their turbocharged air intake, engine cooling and fuel injection systems. We also provide the lines required for pollution control systems, such as particulate filters, blow-by and selective catalytic reduction (SCR), as well as assisted steering and air conditioning lines.

Multipurpose pipes and hoses to save energy

Hutchinson continues to offer unmatched technology to deliver better responses to the new challenges facing its customers. For around 15 years, we have been working to integrate a range of features within our products. Today's lines are no longer just simple rubber hoses, but fluid management systems, combining several materials (elastomer hoses, plastic or metal tubing) and integrating quick connectors or even high value-added mechatronics, such as sensors and heating components. When required, noise reduction components can also be integrated as acoustic resonators.