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What is a Fab House?  

Not your average conference center, a Fab House is a place for internal and external stakeholders to meet and exchange ideas. They are innovation hubs that help give Hutchinson our competitive edge. We use Fab House locations to host training courses, teambuilding activities, and conferences. Our Fab House locations are open to host all Hutchinson employees, customers, and partners.  

507 Fab House

Hutchinson employees working together in the open space of the 507 Fab House

Photo of employees and partners viewing translucent car models in Hutchinson's 616 Fab House

Employees and partners observe translucent models at the 616 Fab House which show the placement of Hutchinson solutions in various vehicles.

Why does the Fab House exist? 

The Fab House is a direct reflection of the importance Hutchinson places on innovation and teamwork. These spaces allow Hutchinson stakeholders to experiment with new things and ideas. The Fab House facilitates cross-fertilization, collaboration, and imagination. They highlight the expertise and creativity of our teams.

Where are the Fab House locations?  

The 507 Fab House, located on the historic French site in Châlette-sur-Loing (near Paris), opened in 2016, the same year as its American counterpart, the 616 Fab House in Grand Rapids, Michigan (near Detroit). In November 2019, the 822 Fab House was opened on the Suzhou site (near Shanghai) in China.

Map of Hutchinson Fab House locations

We have a Fab House on three key continents for our group’s activities: North America, Europe, and Asia. 


Each Fab House has a dedicated area for Hutchinson products in the fields of fluid management, sealing and vibration, acoustic and thermal insulation. 
photo of table showing hutchinson parts in 822 fab house

The "Grandes Tables" serve as a showroom for Hutchinson systems in the 822 Fab House

photo of hutchinson employees in the 507 fab house using VR.

Employees explore the inside of an Airplane cabin using the VR room in the 507 Fab House

Thanks to the CAVE, customers and employees can get a hands-on feel for Hutchinson products in situ. VR and 3D technologies allow users to interact with 3D models in a virtual space.  



Collage of Hutchinson Fab House photos.