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Belt drive systems


As engines in vehicles and motors in industrial equipment and home appliances become smaller and smaller, the resulting challenge is to transmit the generated power without losing reliability or performance.

A wide field of applications

Hutchinson belt drive solutions are found in cars and trucks worldwide. They’re also appreciated by leading conveyor belt and appliance makers. The wider pulley contact transmits more power, significantly improving reliability and cost.

New challenges, new solutions

Our objective is to optimize power transmission between the engine, alternator and accessories to allow our customers to deploy their ambitious projects effectively. Engine downsizing increases the stress on belts and nearby components, generating severe torsional vibration. Our Group uses materials that offer good resistance to high engine temperatures as well as good vibration and acoustic performances. We also develop technologies to save fuel, such as starter motors and start-top systems. As a plus, these reduce vehicle emissions, particularly in traffic jams.